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    • Steven Hammond

      Welcome!   02/28/2018

      Welcome back! After a hiatus I quickly found out the forums had a catestrophic database crash (almost 1 1/2 years ago). Life unfortunately happened and attempts to recover that database were unsuccessful. Fast forward to a month ago when I found out my webhost was still running a woefully out of date PHP version and my existing install of IP.Board had been comprimised by some lazy and or automated bots. Rather than tear my hair out trying to recover things we're starting fresh. So browse around and test out the software and stick around. If we get enough traffic back to the site I'll renew the license again when it expires later in the summer. NOTE: This is a clean install i.e. no previous members, forum data(posts, other content). YOU must re-register!
No hard Drive In Here

Well, obviously I don't type as well as I used to...

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Which ain't saying a lot. Misspelled my own email and wondered why I didn't get the confirmation email after a few daze... Didn't get the capital H in Hard right either.

This is X-15 calling Earth control...do you read us Earth?


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